Run Your Best- Every Time You Run

Being home for Thanksgiving break has definitely been full of changes this year. My brothers weren’t home to feast with us, which is terribly sad because his dogs are the best running companions. We also went to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving….but, most excitingly, my mom and I started out the day with our first ever Turkey Trot! We even had Seth’s family join us too- yay!

Despite the 6:30AM wake-up call for us, the drive over, and the colder morning, Seth and I both hit PRs! He also got first in his class and 7th overall, holy smokes! He’s like lightning guys, looks like I found my trainer…hehe.

So thanksgiving was great, ran my best, but then come down to today’s run….. I was burnt out. It got me down to thinking about the reasons why. And more importantly, it may be things that you’re doing routinely that are hindering you from being the best runner you can be! Let’s take a look.

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All Hail Post-Run Turkey Sandwich

It is the day after Thanksgiving, and the madness of Black Friday has begun (or has been going on)……may the sales be with you. Now let’s be serious, the best part of today is all your leftover turkey turns into those wonderful sandwiches you’re gonna eat as a post run meal. Right?!

Well how healthy is that turkey sandwich? Depends on what you put on it!

Here are a couple ways you can keep your great tradition of your favorite leftover turkey sandwich and jump right back into that running nutrition (until Christmas that is)!

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