It is the day after Thanksgiving, and the madness of Black Friday has begun (or has been going on)……may the sales be with you. Now let’s be serious, the best part of today is all your leftover turkey turns into those wonderful sandwiches you’re gonna eat as a post run meal. Right?!

Well how healthy is that turkey sandwich? Depends on what you put on it!

Here are a couple ways you can keep your great tradition of your favorite leftover turkey sandwich and jump right back into that running nutrition (until Christmas that is)!

1. Bread For The Best

Here’s possibly the most obvious and the most simple step to “healthify” that lovely sandwich. Time to scratch those dinner rolls that are leftover (for now) and the WonderBread in the cabinet. Choose a whole grain bread from the store for this sandwich. If you’re looking for something new, you can even buy some wraps to make a nice turkey wrap! I personally love FlatOut Wraps. Not only will you be adding the wonderful taste these grains/whole wheat has to offer, you’ll be feeding your body the valuable complex-carbohydrates it needs for performance and recovery. Whole grains are also known to be linked to a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. Can you believe these are two of the most common killers? Be sure to fuel heart happy choices 🙂

2. Veggies for the Victor

Now, I hate tomato on sandwiches, but maybe that is something you’d like…  Vegetable options are endless on a sandwich and are all up to the person who is eating it! Try to add a little of every color if you can. Spinach is a great addition, or any dark leafy green for that matter. While adding a little crunch to your sandwich, it also keeps those iron and vitamin A levels in tip top shape, as well as having some links to diabetic control. Neat stuff, huh?? Depending on your taste buds, you might also think of adding slices of grilled, yellow squash. The chary-grill taste goes well with a smoked or roasted turkey, adds a bit of moisture to the sandwich, and actually have been studied to have anti-inflammatory benefits!

3. Beans, beans, good for your heart!

So maybe this will have your significant other running in the opposite direction or sleeping on the couch for some…..but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t delicious. Try making your own black refried beans by heating and mashing them up in a skillet on the stove. You can then season them to your tastebuds and let the party in your mouth begin! Beans are also known to be a good source of protein and fiber. Fiber helps regulate your digestion in a plentiful way, so eating high fiber foods before a run may be the not-so-smart idea! On the contrary, fiber also helps make your appetite feel more satisfied.

4. Tutti-Frutti

Not only am I not a fan of tomatoes on sandwiches (sorry, Seth..), I really just never got into the whole fruit and meat thing, BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t compliment each other well. Panera has a new seasonal sandwich that has turkey, apple, and cheddar cheese and its surprisingly delicious…. If you’re trying to impress or up the sandwich from your old, boring routine, try copying this idea maybe as a start. If you still have that leftover cranberry sauce, try spreading that over the slices of bread to add a little umph. Now, cranberry sauce is delicious, but after adding a cup and a half of sugar, how healthy is it really? Consider making a homemade, healthy cranberry sauce. I know my mom and I have recently made a homemade cranberry whip and a family friend served a cranberry relish at the dinner table that was absolutely to DIE for. Cranberries are known to prevent UTIs and boost the immune system with their abilities to prevent adhesion of bacteria to places in the body.


All in all, who can resist the leftover turkey sandwich? Not me! So, I hope this helps “turkey” up your same-old, traditional sandwich and keep you on track with your goals. If not, maybe it just brings up some ideas to add flavor to your foods! But always remember….never sacrifice the things you love most 🙂



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