Baby it’s cold outside! Frank Loesser might have been right about the winter months but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice all of our hard fall training because of a temperature change. Finding the urge to go running with snow on the ground or frostbite nipping at your nose isn’t always easy, but I have written up some tips that just might change your mind the next time you are thinking about skipping.

Running must be a passion:

Before all else, you should really assess your passion for running. It may be cold outside but who’s to say that you can’t beat the weather? Like anything in life, if you have a passion for it and desire it bad enough, you won’t let anything get in your way to stop you. That’s what separates the weak from the strong and that’s the number one thing that will get you through whatever life throws at you. Always keep this in mind, regardless of whether you are running or pursuing another passion. You are both your biggest enemy and your biggest supporter.

Get clothes that fit the weather:

With the dead of winter right around the corner, running at odd hours when the sun isn’t at full blast might become necessary unfortunately. Not having a winter wardrobe doesn’t exactly make convincing yourself to get out and run any easier either. Depending on the weather, you might need long sleeves, pants, running tights, gloves, a face warmer, toboggan, or a combination of multiple things listed to really stay warm. Keep in mind that you will heat up during your run so if you need to make a loop around your neighborhood and drop a jacket off in the front yard after two laps, no one will judge – and hopefully you have trusty neighbors!

Find a running partner:

There’s nothing better than having someone other than yourself to hold you accountable for your running efforts. Natalie recently wrote a great post about the benefits of a running partner here that you should definitely read! In short, the motivation to get out of the house is multiplied tremendously when you have someone to run with for a multitude of reasons.


Sometimes you just have to embrace the snow and grab some ice cream along the way!

Set race dates:

Having a goal of race dates, either in the dead of winter or as soon as the spring thaw starts to roll around again, is a perfect motivation factor. You’ll need to be in shape when those dates roll around and having them in mind (as well as a training plan) will be very helpful moving forward. Humans are naturally goal-oriented people, we will do anything to achieve higher levels of greatness. Go ahead, set your race dates through April of next year and you won’t have to worry about slacking off in the winter. And if you do, your conscious will come to haunt you weeks before the race to remind you to get back on track!

Run on the inside:

I am not a fan of treadmill running, it’s boring and monotonous. BUT if your winters get cold enough, I think it is completely acceptable to take your running game inside. Temperatures 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero aren’t exactly ideal, especially if it is combined with a blizzard. If you do choose to have some indoor runs during especially cold or messy days, I recommend trying to find an indoor track if at all possible. This will still give you a similar feel to running outdoors with just a few minor differences in scenery. Otherwise, a treadmill will do, and in the end you will still have ran farther than with no workout and that deserves some serious claps!

Move to Florida or Southern California:

This one might be a little bit tough, but if your weather is just too cold to run in, you might consider packing up and moving to one of the warmer regions of the country. If you live outside of the United States, the two states mentioned above still apply! If you already live there…I’m not sure why you are reading this article, you’ve probably never seen snow at your house.



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